A programme that was born out of compassion, love, and commitment for animals about 10 years ago.

It all begins with the rescue of a white Chinchilla cat name 'Boss'. Abandoned by his owner after he developed skin problem and suffering from severe nasal discharge. We took him in, send to the Vet and were on anti-biotic for life.

What strikes us most was when Boss helps us to nurse a Terrier-cross, we named 'JJ' that was picked up in the middle of a busy road in Woodlands. He was skinny to bone, his coat badly matted and body was full of ticks and fleas. JJ was thoroughly cleaned and shaved. We noticed that Boss would groom and accompany JJ whole day and every day without fail, and Boss would do so for other animals that we rescued. Katherine and I were so motivated by the little creature. It pushes us even further to help with the less fortunate animal. when the day we send JJ to his adopter's home. He was crying out loud to tell us not to abandon him when we hand him over.

We knew Boss and JJ appreciation of our effort and have not look back since.

(There is a full story of Boss and JJ)
Try Dog Ownership

Not sure if you are cut out to be a pet owner? Only want to commit to having a pet for a short time (holidays etc.)? Well, you can bring out dogs home. This is subject to an interview and approval.