None of us wants to be away
from our beloved pets.

Should your pets feel homesick, their favourite toys and blankies are close by.
We will cheer them up with a game or two. Music and belly rubs in our Living Room.
And for your mittens - an endless supply of catnip mice.

We welcome every dog and cat. But we do have some

House Rules

Who can Stay

  • 1.

    Your pet must have a valid annual vaccination.

  • 2.

    We treat your pet with anti-tick and flea prevention upon check-in.

  • 3.
    Be Good

    Your pet should not have behavioural issues that may put our staff at risk.


Very young or old pets may do better in a home environment. We are happy to recommend some experienced home boarders in the event that we cannot accommodate your pet.

Feeling the heat?


Each air-conditioned kennel comes with an attached balcony.
The cool indoors or the balmy outdoors? It’s your dog’s choice!

It’s always sunny at


For a small fee, your dog will enjoy a 15-min walk
or a more vigorous workout in our dog run.
Why not throw in a swim too!

Kool Kats Klan

kitty corner

Painted a charming shade of carnation,
Kitty Korner makes us wanna curl up on the armchair.
With a good book, some hot chocolate and two lazy cats on the lap.